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nuttyboy ska

This site is dedicated to my  friend

Don Turvey (R.I.P)

1953 - 2002

''Dont worry about a thing,

every little thing, gonna be alright''

I do not wish to mislead any person to the authenticity of the editorial or pictures which have  been collated from other SKA sites ,who are also dedicated to the SKA revival.    

'This is Ska' 


 My site is an independent site, promoting the sound of 'SKA & REGGAE ' music.  I have put together many songs from bands, who have inspired me to make this site.


All the bands on this site have their own web site's where you can get up to date gig dates & information.

I have had many experience's in my life, I spent my 18th birthday in a 'sangar ' at the rear of Hawkins Street, Londonderry or Derry as it is known by others, in Northern Ireland with 94 Locating Regiment Royal Artillery in 1973 - 1974.

Serving in Northern Ireland as a young soldier during the seventies, was a frightening experience.  We lost 5 members of our Regiment during our tour of duty.  We took over from the Para's.  

I remeberin walking from Hawkins Street with my friend Paddy Baird, who had joined our regiment from the UDR.  We were walking to the Police station, suddenly we heard a very loud burst of gun shots, not the normal sound,  which came from outside the city walls,  in the Bogside.  

We would start to run towards the nearest check point, to the chants from the public 'run brits run', 'the IRA's got a gun',  I never remembered the ending.  We managed to get to safety of the next check point.  The gun shots we heard where from the Rossville Flats in the Bogside, sadly we lost 3 men that day.

However suffering an 'emblism' a stroke is more frightening, your life is under threat, unless you change your life style', if you can.

I hope you enjoy my web site, please contact me with any idears that m ay improve my site.  Take care, keep the faith, Reggae & Ska is a way of life that will never be forgotten.  

'I wanted to say die, however it sounds morbid'

Unique 'Off Beat'

The sound of British ska was heard in England during the late seventies early eighties by such bands as The Beat, Specials, Bad Manners, Bodysnatchers, Judge Dread and of course Madness.  

However 'Reggae & Ska' was brought to England much earlier by such likes as Desmond Dekker, Laurel Aitken and of course Bob Marley there are many more Clancy Eccles, John Holt. 

When our commonwealth riends from Jamaica moved to England  they brought with them there beautiful music this would have been in the fifties & sixties. 

I remember hearing the music blasting out in 'Union Street' in my home town of Melksham as we played in the park.  The music then was known as reggae, current music played in england at that time was 'Rock and Roll and Jazz.'

 I remember hearing 'Bob Marley'  music when i joined the army at the age of 15,  when i was eventually posted to CELLE in germany the music had stuck with me, also singers such as Greyhound, Dave & Ansell Collins, Pioneers plus many more as Johnny Nash, Jimmy Cliff

etc, etc...........

The Invaders

There was a band called the 'Invaders' a london out fit originally dabbling with Rock and Roll.  They auditioned many frontmen..  They eventually came across a singer with a unique style as the film goe's call me ''Suggs'' his style was unique,  at first not fully committed to the band he came and went.

Suggs returned to the band, their first gig was booked and when asked what they were called they  looked at each other thyen replied "MADNESS'' the rest is as they say history.

Today there are many tribute bands with names that reflect there hero's such as 'RatRace'. 

One band who i am fortunate to be involved with is Orange Street who pay tribute to Specials.  Orange Street are a band from the southampton & Portsmouth area and have a great support. They had their song 'Rough Longshot' go the top of the independant Ska Chart. These guys  pack halls along South and have supported 'Bad Manners', 'The Beat', 'Selecter', 'Specials',  plus many more. 

In Dorset there is a live music venue 'Mr Kyps' in Poole, Which promotes many ska & Reggtae tribute bands.  Also you can see the Selecter, The Beat, Bad Manners is a frequent visitor.

A well known character 'Judge Rudi' who can be seen doing the Skank at most venues in and around the Bournemouth area, a very likeable honest guy who lives for the Sound of Ska. 

Whilst we were talking to 'Pauline Black' ' Judge Rudy' revealed he was giving an automatum by his then wife, who said 'me or Ska'........the rest is history

On a final note i have made many friends on this journey, most important are you the fans who spend time out to view my site and attend gigs throughout the UK.